healthier clients, healthier business

Improve client health outcomes AND your bottom line

All while providing you, your clients & their families added peace of mind
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100+ device integrations!


Potential reduction in adverse events likes falls & pressure wounds


Key metrics like client occupancy & turnover rates


Your risk of lawsuits, costly insurance claims & regulatory investigation
It doesn't have to be this way!

It is increasingly hard to maintain
high quality care & operate profitably

  • Industry average operating margins are only 20%
  • Pressure to do more with less staff
  • Constant stress from risk of adverse events
  • Average breakeven occupancy rates of 80%

By improving quality of care we increase your revenue

Track your client health, location & be alerted of developing adverse event risk
Reduce & mitigate severity of adverse events

Instant alerts sent directly to you & your staff by text message, email & in app notifications

Reduce turnover of your client population

Avoiding serious adverse events means a more stable client population

Increase your occupancy rates, revenue & bottom line

Less turnover results in higher occupancy & a more successful business

Unparalleled features

mia care gives you 24/7 situational awareness

Built for carers
Monitors and analyzes vital signs, quality & quantity of sleep, movement and frequency of bed exits
Perfect for long term care
Real time detection and alerting of falls or SOS situations throughout the day and night
Great help center
Easy to use tools that help staff assess a client’s risk for falls, severe anxiety and depression
Built by industry leaders
Guidance on preventing & mitigating adverse events and checks that staff perform scheduled duties
Powered by cutting edge tech
Critical information to help medical professionals with speedier diagnosis & treatment of clients
Top-notch support
Run into trouble? Don't fret, our friendly support staff have you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


World class doctors, clinicians & researchers contributing insights


Combined man years of technological development powering mia care


Published & cited research papers on AI, Cardiology, Neurology by our team
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